Agnieszka Reiner

Agnieszka Reiner – a graduate of the Academy of Music in Cracow in the class of prof. R. Reiner

(2006 – degree with distinction).

She participated in many competitions, including the Youth Music Competition "Nuta na Gruszce" (Kraków, 199), the International Chamber Music Competition(piano trio category; Łódź 2004), and the International Competition of Chamber Contemporary Music (Kraków, 2008).

She improved her talent in numerous master classes, working under the direction of such celebrities as Michael Vaiman , Albrecht Breuninger , Tibor Vaghy , Krzysztof Smietana and Jan Stanienda .

Agnieszka worked as a soloist and a chamber musician at numerous festivals , including " Musica Moderna " in Łódź and " Wiosna Młodych Kameralistów " (Young Chamber Festival) in Kraków.

She has worked with many orchestras (also as concertmaster ), playing concerts in Poland and Germany. Being in the line-up of the international European Philharmonic Orchestra she participated in the tour "Austria Imperial" in many cities of Austria and Italy. She also works in ensembles and orchestras from Kraków , i.e. Krakow Opera Orchestra and Strauss Orchestra " Obligato " .

Agnieszka readily performs the works of young Polish composers - in 2008, Sławomir Zamuszko dedicated to her his string trio "Walce kapryśne" (Waltzes-Caprices). In 2010, she recorded music for solo violin by Bartłomiej Krcha, composed for the documentary film "Lipowa 4" (ordered by a Historical Museum of Krakow and made a permanent part of the exhibition at the museum).

In 2010, she was a soloist during a concert in Tel Aviv, as a distinguished graduate and a teacher of Paderewski’s Primary Music School in Krakow, together with the students of Israel Conservatory of Music.

In her concert activity Agnieszka is mainly focused on solo and chamber music, working with the eminent pianists - Slawomir Cierpik, Monika Wilińska - Tarcholik or Milena Kędra . The activity also includes the repertoire of the violin duo, violin and guitar and piano trio. She is also the leader and an arranger of a string trio "Fem Arte" (founded 2004) and a member of the piano quintet with Reiner Trio, J. Pisarski, A. Dumanowska and Piotr Hausenplas.

Apart from concerts she works mainly as a teacher of violin, but also as an English teacher, often combining these two types of activity, because she is also a graduate of linguistic studies (specialization: English philology) .