The opinion of Prof. Augustin Leon Ara about CD Live! Recital

I am listening to your wonderful recording, of Mozart, Bloch, Franck and

Brahms D minor. I find it is of a great quality. Your playing is excellent,

wonderful and warm tone and most interesting the difference of styles.

I am sure I will listen to it many times as I am really enjoying the music, your

playing and that of your pianist also. May I congratulate you both and

thanks for this recording.

The opinion of Prof. Roman Totenberg about CD „Favourite miniatures”

Dear Sir Roman!

I thank you for beautifully recorded CD. Bravo! I had the huge pleasure from your performing and from beautiful violin playing.

Best regards

Roman Totenberg

The concert Yom the Ha-Shoah on the occasion of the Day of the Memory of Holocaust

"They were born in order to play" Dorothea Gonet 19-04-2004:


During the Sunday concert in Royal Court Of Justice listeners became gifted with something with unusual: Impressions, what made on listeners Reiner Trio from Cracow is difficulty to describe with words. Still more difficulty to review the concert which besides that was superb in every respect, moved most sensitive recesses of the soul and hearts.

The violinist Roman Reiner, the cellist Barbara Łypik - Sobaniec and the pianist Sławomir Cierpik play together from nine years. They are graduates of Cracow Music Academy. In Lublin they appeared with the program which enrolls into begun on Sunday the Varsovian Festival of Jewish Films. They played Kol Nidrei op. 47 by Max Bruch in the arrangement on violin and the piano, Nigun from the suite Baal Schem by Ernest Bloch, three fragments of the music from the film "The Schindler’s List" by John Williams and the Trio In D minor op. 49 by Felix Mendelssohn. Kol Nidrei is the most beautiful prayer, in the original written for the cello and the orchestra. The arrangement by Roman Reiner did not diminish the depth of the work; the part of the piano sufficed for the orchestra, and violin drove the melody so, if this was the song. Beautiful legato only with moments gathered the breath and was then the impression that this is the complaint of the man to whom the sob does not let for further words. The colour of violin - dark, pastel - - reminded that this is the tool which in hands of the master sounds as wonderful in remedy on all sadnesses. Characteristic “sings" on diminished intervals, and at this the ideal intonation and the huge intuition of the climate of the Jewish music already in the first composition opened before listeners the world of other sensibility , other beauty.

Nigun, the joyful song of Chassidim, bewitched with the freedom of the virtuosity. Splendidly sounding arpeggioes of the piano, crossed with the sharp bow of violin, the lyricism about the completely other colour than in Kol Nidrei, the excellent interpretation of very interested anyway looks by Ernest Bloch for the Jewish music – there are following slabs to the success of the Sunday concert.

Three fragments from “The Schindler’s List” by John Williams - Roman Reiner and Sławomir Cierpik played with the huge dose of the delicacy and subtleties. Theme, Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto - Winter'41) and Remembrances brought on the thought hazy landscapes, nostalgic, but wrapped up with good thoughts and with the love.

In the second part of the concert Reiner Trio performed one from more beautiful, though not of most easy chamber compositions by Mendelssohn. The Piano Trio in D minor abounds into masterly fragments, very effective, but exacting from musicians of the huge technical efficiency. Artists from Cracow showed that moreover, that every separately is excellent, are perfectly with themselves harmonious, have the very similar type of the musical sensibility, they think and speak identically. The beautiful colour of the cello, superbly supplementary himself with the sound of violin and of the piano, even most shorter motive (about the phraze not mentioning) additionally fondled with the greatest care - all that was given with a great culture and a sensibility which permits to judge that these people were born in order to play.

As an encore Reiner Trio proposed examples of the music from Cracow Casimir - of course in the own arrangement. That’s so difficulty today, when for Hebrew plots reach musical crews in the every other café, for the truth about this music. But to understand that truth, it is necessary to be essentially the true artist. Roman Reiner, Barbara Łypik - Sobaniec and Sławomir Cierpik are artists for the European measure.

Roman Reiner is the violinist about whom you would like first of all to say that he is „reliable”. Skipping as the indubitable talent of Reiner, in his playing strikes accuracy and the care about the precise show of every detail of the composition. This was visible in the interpretation of the "Spanish Symphony” by Edouard Lalo, which is full of potential melodic-rhythmical nuances and shades. Roman Reiner „discovered" these inherent in details possibilities, giving us pulsating with different tem­perature and with colours an inter­pretation of the piece. This was the in­terpretation of the large class!

”The Kielce Newspaper” 1984

“Reiner Trio attracted attention of both the musical world and the wide audience by their outstanding concerts and recordings (...) of classical chamber repertoire. (...) High level of the performance considering any aspect of it, where musical sensitivity of musicians meets the reverence for a work, perfect intonation and beautiful sound of the instruments (...)”

“News” Courier (Israel newspaper)

A very interesting ensemble (...) good team-work, beautiful performance of the first movement and also of the Scherzo from the Trio in D minor by F.Mendelssohn-Bartholdy for an encore (...)”

Wojciech Dzieduszycki - an opinion from 14th All –Poland Talents’ Week – Tarnów 1996