Roman Reiner & Sławomir Cierpik


NEW CD again!

Live! Recital vo. 2 with great pieces too, by Mozart, Schumann, & Prokofiew.


2017, August

Roman Reiner & Sławomir Cierpik



Live! Recital with great pieces by Mozart, Bloch, Franck & Brahms.


2014, December

May 8, 2013, at 7 p.m., in Main Hall of Music Academy (University) in Krakow

took place the chamber concert from academic concerts.

In program:

Johannes Brahms - Scherzo "Sonaten-Satz" - Piano Trio in B major op.8

(180 anniversary of the composer's birth)

Dymitr Shostakowitsch - Piano Quintett


Roman Reiner, Agnieszka Reiner - violin

Aneta Dumanowska - viola

Piotr Hausenplas (UMFCh., Warsaw) - cello

Sławomir Cierpik - piano

The applause of the audience resulted in the re-performing of Scherzo by Shostakovitsch.

Artists received congratulations from the University authorities.

Reiner Trio performed the special concert on 21st July 2012 with pieces by Chopin, Wieniawski and Mendelssohn.


V Jubilee Festival "Wawel at dusk"

The Special Distinction of Judaica Foundation for Reiner Trio

at 15th anniversary of Center for Jewish Culture in Cracow!

"With an approbation of many years' presentation of great Jewish music tradition in popular and classical music".

In 2009 it was just 30 years from the moment, when Roman Reiner, at present titular professor of Musical Academy in Cracow, performed, as an ending of his studies in the Cracow Academy, Violin Concerto by L.van Beethoven with Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra, obtaining the honors degree in famous Professor Eugenia Umińska class.

The anniversary of this event comes together with 120 years of the existence of Musical Academy. From this reason 26.02.2009 at 7 p.m. Roman Reiner as the soloist and (in the first part) the conductor was leading The Chamber Orchestra of Academy performing pieces by A.Vivaldi, J.S.Bach and W.A.Mozart. Besides, participants of the concert were talented student in Prof. Reiner class (now excellent graduate in 2010) - Oriana Bogdanowicz - and the main conductor of the orchestra, the adjunkt of Cracow Academy - Maciej Tworek. The concert took place in the Concert Hall of Musical Academy - "Florianka" - at Basztowa 8 Street in Cracow.

For the special request of the audience Roman Reiner performed "Labytinth" by P.A.Locatelli with orchestra of Academy under conducting by Maciej Tworek. The orchestral part was written especially for this occasion by known Cracow composer - Maciej Jabłoński.